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Laser Tag

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Putt-Putt FunHouse laser_tag

Set your phasers on FUN!

You are immersed in a lush, vibrant, alien planet, the minute you walk through the archways into the briefing room. The wow factor continues as you navigate the 2-level themed maze and contend with the Warbot, an interactive arena target. The arena is filled with fog to make the lasers and flashing lights more visible. Music and black-lighting add to the atmosphere. You’ve never played laser tag like this!

Putt-Putt FunHouse proudly utilizes state-of-the-art Gen7 Supernova equipment. Each battlesuit has 20 hit sensors, 12 full-color LEDs, shoulder speakers with digital speech & SFX, and a 2-handed phaser with a special feature button for advanced abilities. And our Laserforce system offers a unique handicap & power-up system to keep things challenging game after game.!